Beer, Biscuits & Netflix….

Beer, Biscuits and Netflix

Everything a bit strange at present, I’ve already said plenty about Season 2 of STID, Social Isolation dictates that I’ll watch the whole lot tomorrow.

I can live without watching 2 shite Wembley trips and some self gratifying Selfie fun….. BUT…. it’s 15 days since I left the house apart from dog walking, gardening, having a fire, or going for a run….. so, let’s say, it’s 1991, it’s 1.55am in The Blue Monkey and I’m still available….

“I love me so much darling…..”

Sofa Day, OK?

I’m quite excited to have something slightly different to do tomorrow, makes a change from gardening etc – I’ve promised Bro Joe Wicks I’m up for YouTube PE at 9.30am…. after that, I’m pretty free

TV – nowt else to do at present?

So, SAFCBlog is going all Will Grigg today and doing fuck all and offering zero effort….. SAFCBlog back as normal on whatever day is the day after today.

Television Vamp…..

Whole new world this isolation malarkey, I haven’t watched so much daytime TV since I was a student. There’s no better programme on TV than Posh Pawnbrokers?

Categorically the best programme on daytime TV? (**)

(** daytime ends at 5pm, which negates The Chase)

Time on our hands….

Ultimately there’s 5 hours of SAFC dedicated stuff on TV tomorrow… if you’ve got 1 hour 22 minutes, this is an absolutely fantastic watch….. press play and enjoy

A television with no football?

Hardly worth having a TV? Is there still such a thing as a TV Licence? Quality few and far between…. gameshows……..

“Isn’t that meant to be used for cleaning the pool Mike?????”

1970/80s glamour…….

Tomorrow, tomorrow……

What’s good about tomorrow?

Seeing Sunderland on TV is mint, even when they show 20 seconds of the SOL on The Force North East, it’s quite exciting? A day of TV which shows the beauty of the city and it’s people is worth watching?

SAFCBlog = Miserable Knobber?

Yep – guilty as charged. It would be hugely hypocritical of me to say anything  other than, I’ve never been behind our owners….

“It’ll be absolutely fine if we get promoted……….
Netflix misery part 2
“Oh shit…… “


“Yah, yah, yah…..100 ruddy bloody points next season…. tally fucking ho….”
“I promise you this……..”
“We bought it with Monkey Harris’s money?” ……. “what do you mean the Driscoll Brothers are waiting for the 31 July accounts?”

A bit harsh on our owners?

Yeah maybe, the thing is…. I’ve been round the block and it never quite rung true to me? Game of opinions as always though……..


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