Jack ross….. still standing.

Regular readers will know SAFCBlog has always backed Jack Ross? Yesterday, SAFCBlog conceded that time may sadly be running out for our current boss…. after a day on the golf course with no media contact, I’d expected JR to no longer be our gaffer when I caught up with the world after a tough day…… but, he’s still in a job.

The ownership of the club is up in the air and it’s very possible there’s not really anyone to make the call on his future? It’s no secret that SAFCBlog has been a JR fan; ultimately I acknowledge that he’s possibly not the man for the job? the job is possibly too big? we are mostly shite and not getting any better etc…. whilst some of the players should be ashamed of their efforts at Lincoln, the vitriol on various social media platforms today towards Jack Ross has been disgusting…. yes; football is an emotional game, the internet has given voice to people who used to write in green crayon, (yes, yes I know….)…. I’d intended to leave my thoughts on JR with yesterday’s postings, whilst it’s not my duty to reply to the nonsense online today…. I may as well?

I enjoy doing this blog, it started as a bit of a parallel process for me and my travel companion, (brother, bearded fool and shite photographer), after the unexpected loss of our beloved sports mad dad. Bizarrely, more and more people are reading, retweeting, perhaps even on occasions enjoying…. you’ll see no dodgy adverts, subscriptions etc regardless of how it grows, (safcblog01@gmail.com – just in case). What I will continue to do is respect that it’s a game of opinions, I’ll also try and always stay classy.

Football is fucking mint, music is too. Any links to music on here will be….

  • Musically enlightening for you?
  • Of no interest whatsoever to you?
  • Of significant interest to you?
  • A complete waste of your time?

All 4 options are equally fine….

So, Jack Ross is still our manager, SAFCBlog has both heavily backed him and in the end criticised him….. the football on Saturday was shite, thankfully it’s easier to control the music……

Jack, this is likely to be the biggest job you ever have? Don’t leave here with an ounce of Regret…..

Slight change of approach from Jack post match on Saturday …. he took full responsibility, as luck would have it the greatest music video ever made is on hand, perhaps this was his Cry For Help?

We are a passionate fanbase Jack, ride this storm and you can still be Adored…..

Looking unlikely….. but who knows MAYBE???

JACK…… No idea where this will end?
EVERYONE……. Stay Classy


See you tomorrow night at the SOL.

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