Contract…. Nontract…. it’ll be right?

Jon McLaughlin Goalkeeper

Jon McLaughlin Goalkeeper

Contract…..Nontract…..It’ll be right???

Gone Early with this?

Yep, having done shit all for 8 or 9 weeks, I’m actually busy as owt tomorrow, if he stays I’ll just delete the article and do a Charlie and blame the fans for being Thick Northeners.

Big Jon McLaughlin Goalkeeper……

Player of the season last year, been solid this term. Confidence is massive with keepers, the fact he had a dip in Oct/Nov then returned to top form speaks volumes?

Goalkeeping Up Appearances…..

Two years ago we came bottom of the Championship, the reason for this was that we were absolutely shite. But….

Jon McLaughlin Goalkeeper
‘Big Jon – he’s a keeper, (assuming contract sorted?)’
‘No issue with Sunderland’s Finest and England #1 moving on’

Vito Mannone wanted to stay, we sold him for £1.8million and then bumbled about with Steele, Ruiter and Camp. Yes, we were dreadful that season, but if Vito had stayed, we’d have probably stayed up?

The Piss take Party……

Even with Social Distancing, I’d say its Happy Hour at said party? What next? Maguire to Oxford? 

“Don’t worry everything is tickety boo – you thick Northern twats wouldn’t understand…..”
Charlie Methven Sunderland AFC
“Fucking yah Tarquin….. get me some root veg strips, but go easy on the organic rock salt and balsamic vinegar bro”

Good Luck Jon……

He’s 32, studied at Leeds Uni, played for Harrogate Railway and Town, then Bradford, I occasionally see him in town  – so assume he’s North Yorkshire based? Good move for him, good luck. Stewart Donald was on a podcast last year saying, he wouldn’t let him leave for £4million…. to be fair he didn’t let him leave for £4million???

The Jobs Fucked?

Nah, we’ll be just fine. Tinpot owners can fuck off, but we are Sunderland and we will be just fine…..

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Contract…. Nontract…. it’ll be right? @OnTheBackFoot1 @jeffred3098 @Jam_Sarny @PhilRodgers73 @AticaSi @Charlie65600364 @Kate88Smith @Sunder_LAD @EzPerez1 @halftimepiesite @SafcMerch @1879SAFC @GoldieFTM @safc110497 @stevew_pfc @OuthwaiteG85…

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