SAFCBlog – The Magic Of The Cup – Part 3/3

CUP FINAL DAY – 5pm, always felt like bedtime on Christmas Day as a nipper…. a great day, but it’s over for another year. Sadly the magic has been diluted over the years. I can’t be arsed to check but I think the FA Cup is now scheduled for 5.30pm or the like, as suits the Malaysian Audience? Imagine now getting the highlights of the Scotch Cup Final at half time and having no idea of the score line and finding it genuinely exciting?!

Many areas of the media have been reporting recently that there’s a lack of 1973 Cup Final related poetry? Oh, go on then…….


“Leeds starting 11 International caps every one, Sunderland 11 not a single one yes none, Monty ..Lorimer thought he’d scored, Jimmy forever you will be adored, Dick Malone, West Yorkshire coupons blown, Guthrie, spirit of 73, Micky Horswill, made sure Leeds got nil, Dave Watson, defensive job done, Richie Pitt made his mark, 60 seconds clattered Clarke, Bobby Kerr, no other skipper you’d prefer, Billy Hughes, with class did ooze, Vic Halom, rhymes there are none, (not even one),Porterfield, back for the Charity Shield, Bob Stokoe, to Sunderland the cup will go, ‘GOAL’ screamed Brian Moore, Monty wasn’t so sure, up the steps, Europe next”

Despite not featuring in the FA Cup final, Sunderland made a key contribution, the 120 minutes of the 1st round replay at Gillingham was testament to why the competition is watched worldwide?


On the off chance anyone is still reading, SAFCBlog relives that classic contest at Gillingham in December…..

SAFCBlog – Not the worst thing on the Internet – FTM

Gillingham vs Sunderland tonight….. SAFCBlog attends pretty much all of the games, but not tonight……

  • It’s a very long way
  • We’re there again a week on Saturday
  • Time constraints, (work), got the better of me


Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup


Fucking freezing

Prior to discussing tonight’s match….. I started this blog 8 months ago, lots of modern types suggested I should push it. Bizarrely, 8 months in, circa 1200 people daily are viewing, so it’s decision time…..

  • OPTION A Engage in social media and go down the route of affiliate partners, advertising etc, current traffic will pay a decent return, a bit of SEO and I’ll be quids in
  • OPTION B Just carry on having a laugh, don’t engage in social media, (I’ve no desire for any, (more), friends), continue to write nonsense and crack on, not giving a shit about numbers visiting the blog……


Whilst not perusing the route of gaining followers, it’s been quite good to have some emails fromScotch people this week – funny bunch though, sure I’ll be most welcome up there anytime?

Whilst I chose not to travel tonight, loads will have – 100% respect to every single one of yous – not all heroes wear capes. Similarly, those who came up from Kent for a 1pm kick off, tremendous effort. Whilst I’m warm and haven’t driven 300 miles, I’d fucking love to be freezing my bollocks off in Kent come what 7.45pm tonight.

Wasn’t to be, the term Armchair Fan is often cited, I’m there…..

Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup
Armchair ✅
TV ✅
Wine ✅

All set….

Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup
For fucks sake…..

The Good news keeps coming …….

The team is announced……

Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup
Ohhhhhh…… more chance of Andrew HRH getting a job at CBeebies than us keeping a clean sheet tonight???????


All over these Kent Lower League Jobbers?

Back in the 80s and well beyond it was all about Ceefax and Oracle…..

Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup
Dread to think what the content of page 101 is??????

0-0 at half time….. what a time to be alive?

Tremendous effort from the lads and lasses who made the journey,,,,


55 minutes gone…….

“Da da da da da da da da da da 🎵 “your defence is ok, Will Grigg can’t be arsed 🎵 “

65 minutes gone……..

The tension is unbearable……..

68 minutes gone, awaiting a shot on target…… here comes McGeady

Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup
McGeady will score soon enough? Gillingham vs Sunderland

80 minutes gone…. still awaiting a shot on target!!!! Goals everywhere else

In other news….
a bear has a shit in the woods”

Well into extra time. Penalties beckon….. oh joy

106 minutes gone……..

Gillingham Vs Sunderland... The Magic Of The Cup

Hey ho……

I’d rather go swimming at Micheal Barrymores gaff than go back to Wembley ?

We seem to have had a lot of cup games of late? It’s easy to forget we won our last league game?Home matches Saturday and Tuesday …. early in the season, but it’s looking like a big week?

It looks like we are about to lose a cup game, not ideal…. but definitely not the end of the world? Having decided to not push forward commercially with SAFCBlog, (#readifyoucanbearsed)….. I survive without emails from scotch people?

We all have high hopes…….but football remains real life…..


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