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Dominic Cummings travel special

Dominic Cummings Service Station Special

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Global Killer Pandemics, are a real inconvenience. To differing degrees it’s been a game changer for us all, there’s lots of things I’ve missed…. seeing mates, seeing family, football, the pub, freedom, even work on occasions etc. 

I’ve also missed going to Service Stations – BUT….. these are unprecedented times, lives have been at risk and understandably the Government said to Stay Home – as a consequence it’s heading towards 3 months since I was able to enjoy a Motorway Service Station.

Dominic Cummings service station special


’Well at least I thought they were?‘ There will no doubt be a barrage of questions forthcoming on the matter. Not sure if Boris is still reading SAFCBlog, (he’s been busy), but there’s going to be more questions than answers? 

24 hour news has lots to answer for, we consume news in a different way than we used to. I don’t think anyone would question a display of paternal instincts? But he’s had a bit of a shocker it would seem? Not much has been said re: people doing his shopping….. if only there was a facility where you could order shopping to be delivered safety to your home through the use of an electronic device? It’s over 20 years since I lived in London, but we can get shopping delivered in Yorkshire now, I’d assumed such a facility would be  available in London?

It’s about 267 miles each way, whilst it’s unlikely that the passengers were skulling Krombacher German Lager, for the duration of the journey, SAFCBlog reckons they’d have needed at least 2 piss stops each way?

M1 or A1?

SAFCBlog favours the A1…. better scenery, random retail outlets, just a more exciting drive….. oh and the Daddy of all Services…..

The best of the best…… although it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Cummings is an ‘M1 Type?

The other sensible choice would be Wetherby I guess?

Whilst Leeming Bar is too close to Durham to be a realistic contender, I can’t imagine Mrs Cummings would have been too thrilled?

Dominic Cummings service station special
“You go for a slash love, I’ll grab us a couple of Pepperamis”

More Questions than Answers?

Indeed there is, indeed there is…….. SAFCBlog Cutting Edge Journalism as  always…..

Dominic Cummings Service Station question

Dominic Cummings travel special
Dominic Cummings service station question
Dominic Cumings service station question

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