Sunderland lose at shrewsbury

After Tuesday nights victory, optimism for 3 points today was high. After watching a bit of rugby, (no idea what the rules are, but we seemed to be doing ok?), we departed for Shrewsbury at 10am. Sat Nav said 2 hours 40 minutes…. I guess that’s in non monsoon conditions? So a few things against us, it was nearer 4 hours……

Sunderland Lose At Shrewsbury wet wet wet
Pissed it down all the way
Welcome to Shrewsbury
That sign says Shrewsbury
Sunderland Lose At Shrewsbury
Shame it so wet, bet it’s lovely on a nice day?
Add to treacherous weather, an idiot in charge of Sat Nav….. surprised we even got there?
Ringo on his way to Sunderland v Shrewsbury
The long and winding road”

Arrive in Shrewsbury, park up, have a wander….

Pair of idiots at Shrewsbury v Sunderland
The outfits change, the idiots stay the same?”

With time not on our side, we head to the Fanzone, for a few pints. Whilst the band seemed to be giving it a go, they had the look of men who don’t see an awful lot of daylight.

Fanzone NOT Boyzone at Sunderland V Shrewsbury
This weekend 3 years ago, we were hosting Arsenal in the richest league in world football….. today, we are in a car park in Shropshire,in the rain, listening to a Bryan Adams cover band…… That’s like The Queen going to Greggs for her lunch?

Onto the match….

Start 0-0

Half time 0-1

Full time 0-1

Sunderland Lose At Shrewsbury
That wasn’t in the script?
Sunderland Lose At Shrewsbury
Another tinpot teams cup final

So, we lost the game; it was a really soft goal completely against the run of play – but we still had loads of time left to win the game. Unlike the hapless efforts at Peterborough, Lincoln and Wycombe – I thought we played ok today?

  • We dominated possession
  • We hit the woodwork 3 times
  • Grigg was twice a bootlace away from scoring
  • We had a few other good chances
  • We have stopped the pointless long punt forward from our keeper

Whilst that’s all positive, there’s some obvious negatives

  • Soft goal, (again)
  • Shrewsbury are shit and we lost to them
  • McGeady…. Why wasn’t he deployed wide? Loads of good breaks from Denver, (my man of the match), but he’s very one footed and once forced inside – the play was broken up, as they swarmed Aiden – hit the wings boys; it did well for us on Tuesday night?
  • Phil; it’s either suit or sportswear? Suit trousers with PE Teacher coat just looks shit

Whilst I’m pissed off we lost to another poor team, I thought we looked ok today? 9 times out of 10 we win that game.

Lincoln man of the match – the woodwork saves them for the 3rd time!

SAFCBlog is generally realistic that we are in a League 1, because we deserve to be. I’ve always said no one has a divine right to win games – but fucking hell; this league is depressing me. Fed up of going to shit grounds and losing – trips to Forest, Birmingham, Boro, Sheff Weds etc would be much nicer! Fed up of tinpot fans with drums – but…….it’s not where you’re from…. it’s where your at? Please let’s get promoted this season!?
Match highlights courtesy of the Twitter genius that is @LadSunder
The resurrection will not be televised”

Another shit away result, but we go again……plenty of post match positives as always….

“Here comes the sun”
Kebab, always a good way to end a rubbish day watching Sunderland
“You are beautiful in every single way”



2 thoughts on “Sunderland lose at shrewsbury

  1. I honestly hope to god I NEVER EVER forget days/games like these
    Having just sat down after what I thought was a very unlucky 1-0 defeat to Leicester (who to be honest were quite poor, just my opinions by the way ) at 03:05 AM , with a cup of Ringtons , contemplating why we are still using ONien as a) a CB & worse still b) Captain with no valid reason coming to mind , I find somewhat concerning
    Hopefully someone with obviously more knowledge & experience in managing a football club will find the answer 🤷‍♂️

    C’est La Vie

    Cracking stuff as usual , 7.5/10 , would have been 8 but the memories & gut wrenching reminder lost half a point 😉 😂

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