Sunderland Morning Blues…….

Sunderland morning blues

Sunderland morning blues

SAFC Blog sick as a parrot
SAFCBlog…… Sick as a Parrot this morning. We go again Tuesday⚽️

A weeks a long time……..

Momentum is huge in football, after our last gasp goal vs Fleetwood, we headed into the Coventry game with momentum still in place. Exactly 7 days ago SAFCBlog was hurtling down the M1, (no faster than 70mph obviously), to Birmingham…. full of nerves, hope, trepidation, worry, excitement etc. Coventry has been done to death, we started slowly and you can’t do that against teams as good as them.

Fast forward 6 days and it’s Gillingham at home. Yesterday felt like a real kick in the animal crackers, I can’t remember feeling as gutted at a match for a long time…. not just the timing of the goal, but the fact that it was feeling like being such a big win.

“I guess that’s why they call it the Blues…….”

Tough one to take yesterday, it was especially frustrating that we were undone by what we’ve done so well in the last 4 months? It was no secret that Gillingham would be a threat from set plays. To concede twice from long throws with the ball bouncing around in our box  was hugely disappointing. The injury to a Bailey Wright is looking pivotal, but we can’t do anything about that and need to defend better.

Having acknowledged that momentum is huge, the reverse obviously applies. We have 9 games left. Automatic promotion is still a strong possibility, missing the play offs could happen – SAFCBlog remains positive and optimistic. I’ve not looked at the fixtures away from ours, but there will be lots of big clashes by virtue of the amount of teams challenging.

Loads of big games to come – bring it on.

Another Big Week…….

Bristol and Blackpool, we all know what’s required. Previews and analysis throughout the week as always at

Sunderland morning blues

Don’t Look Back In Anger……..

Not been a good week, hopefully I’m writing in 7 days from a positive perspective.

Of course it’s just a game, but it’s an emotional game. Never look back etc, but fucking hell, it Hurt yesterday……


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@Yorktone That would make the scarves black and white????? Not a good look on this occasion…

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@Yorktone ….. nice bit of colour pal? …

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Beautiful …

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