The Beautiful Game

The beautiful game

The beautiful game

Football is Beautiful……
But, it is just a game…..

More than a game

Football - The beautiful game

We aren’t playing football for a while – and it will be a while. It matters not how long, there are so many more priorities.

The next few months will be life changing, totally different from anything we’ve experienced, Ill health, loss of loved ones, financial strain, anxiety, social unrest, depression, fear, uncertainty, panic, ….. it’s an almost exhaustive list. 


This blog is about all things SAFC, I’m acutely aware that SAFC and football are not a current priority. There are news outlets a plenty covering what’s going on in the world. SAFCBlog is going to continue writing each day about football, lifestyle and generally having a laugh. This plan is by no means dismissing or trivialising world events…. it’s just what the Blog is about, irrelevant shite written here won’t fix anything, but it may just distract briefly.

Stay safe, be kind, write a letter, pick up the phone and hopefully SAFCBlog can be a flicker of light in dark times.


Back to matters in hand……huge night of football tonight

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The Beautiful Game…

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