Charlie Methven resigns from his role as a director of SAFC

Charlie Methven resigns

Charlie Methven resigns from his role as a Director of SAFC

Pretty self explanatory headline, this morning it was announced that Charlie Methven had resigned from his role due to personal reasons.  Football is a game of opinions, SAFCBlog has been pretty consistent in its opinion & criticism of our owners since I started writing shite like this in March. Personal reasons, is an oft used stock phrase, but…… SAFCBlog wishes nothing but health and happiness for all. I would ditch football in a heartbeat in favour of my family, and I guess whether you’re a fan or an owner, the deal is the same?  So Charlie, all the best. Being a part owner of a football club obviously catapults one into the public arena, (more so than being a shit blogger); so…….. it is only appropriate that SAFCBlog looks at today’s news. Regardless of any personal reasons, his time was up I’d say? So……

Charlie Methven Resigns – what went wrong?

Did he get the DNA of SAFC? Calling the fans out for not backing the lads at Wembley and his ill judged, (at best), reference to fans not attending every game as parasites was not good. My personal opinion is that he was only an interview away from saying the wrong thing? Charlie Methven resigns “A haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Charlie Methven resignsYah, yah, we really must must get behind the chaps, tally fucking ho”

did Charlie get the DNA of SAFC?

The DNA of SAFC is a massive factor.  There’s loads of stereotypes about the North / South divide, the reality is the disparity is huge. I live in North Yorkshire, and there’s a huge disparity between NY & the NE. Obviously such generalisations can be unwise and damaging – but CM hailed from the upper echelons of privileged SE life, he was schooled at Eton, (£42’000 PA), he then went to Oxford University – good luck to him, but it was unlikely to go smoothly when these two worlds collided without the appropriate filter/advice?  Please don’t for one minute think that I’m writing off any aspect of the NE or it’s people – quite the opposite; I worked in London for 4 years and SAFCBlog photographer, (idiot A), did 20 years – and neither us would go back.  To try and put some perspective on it, 3 Championship clubs, (sadly the level we are aspiring to), are owned by 3 of the wealthiest old money families in England ……. pints with fans, high fives, selfies, twitter etc are ok when all is sailing on the calm? But Messers Coates, Peace and Landsdown are not drawn into this, there’s a reason for that I’d say? Once upon a time you dressed so fine., threw the bums a dime in your prime,…….didnt you?didn’t you?” Hanging out in shite pubs in fancy clobber and chatting to fans was a nice idea, but it didn’t have longevity for either party? Charlie Methven resignsWho do your chaps fancy to win the boat race this year?” Charlie Methven SAFCWine list at your convenience please mr minimum wage….” Ultimately only CM knows why he’s decided to dip out? He was full of it during the honeymoon period, but it was never going to work if the good Ship Sunderland hit stormy waters?  It’s easy to dismiss him a a posh knobber – but I know loads of posh folk who are the salt of the earth. It was more how he and SD approached it….. Ex Sunderland Director Charlie Methven “Self gratification??? Moi??”

North or South, you decide?

There’s no point writing shite online, (no need to share, for the few not the many etc), without conducting extensive research.  Loads of cheap, lazy journalism out there, which will strive to exaggerate the North / South divide? To avoid this the following pictures are half northerners and half southerners….. BUT to avoid such shameful stereotyping, SAFCBlog has chosen to not label the following images….. North or South, you decide?? ANSWERS NEXT WEEK

Charlies Gone

CM gone, SD crown slipped, at least man up and come the games eh Stewart? You will gain more respect for that than staying away. Times almost up, just sell it, jog on and all the best….. Charlie Methven leaves SAFC FTM IT’S TIME TO BRING THIS SHIP INTO THE SHORE……… SAFCBlog 3 hours ago 2 SLEEPS AND WE GO AGAIN…..Sunderland vs Wycombe match preview … Read More SAFCBlog 3 hours ago SAME AGAIN THIS SATURDAY PLEASE LADS…..Sunderland 3 Lincoln City 1 match report … Read More SAFCBlog 3 hours ago RT @ShaunSAFCBLOG: AND YESTERDAY……Sunderland AFC club statement, (Alternative version) … Read More