Gillingham vs sunderland match preview

Gillingham v Sunderland match preview

Gillingham vs Sunderland Match preview

Feels like absolutely ages since we played a league game, another cup game in 2 sleeps time. Bit of negativity around the Good Ship Sunderland at present, but… we actually won our last league game…….

Sadly we were dreadful in the 2nd half vs Gillingham, and it felt like Jack had never left, as we returned to snatching a 1-1 draw having been 1-0 up and coasting at half time?

The remit of this blog is primarily to preview and review every game. The idea of previewing games/looking at opponents falls down slightly when we play the same team 3 times in 3 weeks!

Despite a commitment to get to every game…….

  • It’s a long way?
  • We’re back there in a week or so?
  • It’s a borderline 2 day trip?
  • The draw for round 2 is as bad as round 1?

The official SAFCBlog position for Tuesday nights game is…. I can’t be arsed & I Am struggling time/work wise.….No doubt 1200 or so will attend, fucking heroes every single one of you – if support counted for anything, we’d be right up there? Plan for Tuesday yet to be decided….

  • Watch on live stream?
  • Don’t watch and check the score?

Can’t imagine it’ll change anyone’s life, BUT……. there will be no match review! Unless some loon fancies stepping up to the plate, (no professional journalism qualifications required). Email the media team, (idiot with a beard), and on the off chance he’s able to login to the gmail account, I’m sure he’ll maybe be helpful(ish)?

Gillingham Vs Sunderland Match Preview
Tuesday Night Club…… Harrogate 1 Gillingham 0

The beauty of playing the same team 3 times in less than 3 weeks is the opportunity/duty to explore some more random info. All a bit weird at SAFCBlog at present, having just started it as a laugh, 1000+ a day are now reading – for now, there’s no sponsorship- which is great, as it means it genuinely doesn’t matter what shite I write, (obviously within the boundaries of being PC). Moving up in the world, I’ve sacked off Colin Greenwood at the Cockwell Inn, HG3, (not worth going), and SAFCBlog is in negotiation with another, (better, more organised), Colin.

Gillingham is a nice place…..

Gillingham – quite nice

Gillingham is twinned with Ito and Yokosuka in Japan – that’s handy?

Since 1986, there’s 41 unsolved murders in Kent – that seems like a lot? I’ve not worked in the homicide forensic science field – but that does seem an awful lot? Been to Gillingham loads, (more so with York than SAFC), it’s always been a decent place to visit – not only are their fans friendly, they also travel in healthy numbers in relation to their home crowds.

Can’t argue that it’s not rained a lot recently ….. but this was officially the wettest day ever???

Gillingham looked absolutely awful in both games last season, to be be fair they looked loads better last week at the SOL, and will probably feel a draw was the least they deserved? The improvement is probably down to their fat manager Steve Evans? Every time he’s been at the SOL, he behaves like a complete 🔔 end – whilst football is a results industry, if he was our gaffer, I’d genuinely consider having a break from football?

Gillingham Vs Sunderland Match Preview
The magic of the cup……..Gillingham vs Sunderland match preview

Gillingham Vs Sunderland Match Preview
When cars were cars

Pretty much exhausted the Gillingham celebrities, (proper oxymoron), last time out. It’s not that far from London, where SAFCBlog favourite and Ambassador* Anna Friel lives….

(* not true)

Wears the soap?”

SAFCBlog predicts at 2-0 win, with a Grigg missing from 4 yards

SAFCBlog loves a bit of music, whilst Rik Waller isn’t my bag…. Gillingham is in Kent, (I think?)………..Clark Kent is Superman……….. which is almost supersonic?




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