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Coventry City away previewed

I thought we’d win at Rotherham, we lost, Saturday is a tougher game, I think we’ll win🔴⚪️⚽️ Gone early with the match preview, SAFCBlog is no longer in office on a Friday, (unless we have a game obviously, Birmingham away…

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SAFCBlog #1017, Rotherham away preview

Away at Rotherham tomorrow night, last year was an absolute shitshow of the highest order Whilst I’m 80 miles from a home game, Rotherham away is a piece of piss for me Are Rotherham any good? I’ve absolutely no idea,…

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SAFC 1 vs Bristol City 1

As alluded to in the Match Preview, cutting edge), Bristol are no mugs, they haven’t lost in 10 games, they have a decent squad and they have a good manager, the wins against Reading and QPR have put us right…

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SAFCBlog #1014, Bristol City Preview

The reverse fixture Following Sunderland is great, the away game at Bristol was our first insight into the magic that lay ahead this season🔴⚪️❤️🪑⚽️ Who knew how good things could be? It was a great 2nd half performance, more so…

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Sublime Sunderland Batter QPR 3-0⚽️⚽️ ⚽️🔴⚪️

Travel Logistics and Photography The short fat man who normally organises travel is in the Ukraine doing good things❤️🇺🇦 Turns out that travel logistics is a piece of piss anyway, book train > get on train > get off train,…

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SAFCBlog #1011, QPR away preview

Last time Felt like a right kick in the animal crackers That dick Alex Neil was still in charge when we hosted QPR in August, we were coasting to victory with a goal each from out 2 strikers, (fancy that…

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The Beautiful Game 1 vs Shithousery 0

SAFC 1 vs Reading 0 1st Half It was absolutely dreadful, we looked leggy, they had no interest in playing football, (it was a depressing flashback to L1), frustrations grew and our passing suffered as a result. Just a horrible…

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SAFCBlog Friday Night Club, Fulham review and Reading preview SPZL

Fulham, lost 2-3 A year ago we were losing to Doncaster and Cheltenham, I’ve left the SOL feeling depressed so many times over the years, on Wednesday we gave it a good go, we probably paid them too much respect…

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SAFCBlog, Fulham Preview

Quality 0 vs Quantity 0, (AET) I’m a few weeks away from 5, (five), years of writing this shite, being prolific has never been a problem, this is the 1st blog for a few weeks, I’ve been busy folding t…

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The Magic of the Cup

The Management It’s a year today since we sacked LJ, after a narrow 6-0 defeat at Bolton. Alex Neil brought us great happiness, sadly he chose to conduct himself like a complete knob when Stoke came calling? Young Guns The…

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