How we beat burton on tuesday

Sunderland v Burton

How Sunderland beat Burton on tuesday

With just two sleeps till we go again, it’s glaringly obvious we look flat, leggy, lacking in pace etc. With this in mind I’d like to see a few changes in the starting line up.

Whilst the majority of the 29’908 who attended yesterday, probably don’t want to see the action again? Thankfully SAFCBlog is lucky enough to be able to share the @LadSunder take on the game, this time next year pal, we could be millionaires?
Absolute fucking genius sir.

Anyway, let’s forget about Saturday, it’s all about Tuesday now. Anyone who read my match review last night will know I was borderline critical of Will Grigg’s effort yesterday (fuck knows where to put the apostrophe- I thought after the S, but that would indicate he owned the effort?)

There’s little doubt we need to somehow capture some positivity. Jack Ross was a good man, Parky is a good man; sadly the rot goes much, much deeper…. I’ve written plenty about the clowns in charge of the club that’s the long game, a more pressing concern is Burton and Gillingham this week.

On the assumption that Gooch or Wyke are not fit to start on Tuesday, I’d make the following changes…..

  • Drop McGuire- he’s playing shit – play Watmore instead
  • Drop McGeady – yes he has bags of skill, but he / we would benefit from a break – play McGeough instead, (whilst Dylan offers less creativity, Hume offers plenty of attacking threat and playing Dylan instead of Aiden will allow Denver to push forward)
  • Drop Grigg, (more on him shortly) – play Kimpioka instead, he did well yesterday and he’s beefed up a lot. A few question marks if he’s ready for 90 minutes? If Parky feels he isn’t – drop Grigg anyway and just play with 10 men until he fancies bringing Benji on.

So Will…… SAFCBlog didn’t quite make it as a player;

How We Beat Burton On Tuesday
1982 – proper fucking team. Only the brave wear short sleeves?
Genuinely breaks my heart looking at this – too many, taken too young. Enjoy every single minute of every single day

I’d have loved to have been a professional footballer Will, whilst I had bags of talent…. Fitzgeralds FC, Railway Tavern and St Clements WMC was as good as it got!

How We Beat Burton On Tuesday. Fitzgeralds
Fitzgeralds- pubs great for drinking
Railway E17 'alright, alright, everything is gonna be alright'
Railway E17 – happy days
How We Beat Burton On Tuesday
Proper windows – Working Men’s Clubs – haven’t been to one for a while, do they still have strippers on a Sunday lunchtime?

So, what’s the relevance of this to SAFC 2019? Well, I never quite hit the heights of getting paid to play this game we all love, but……

  • We were a team
  • We fought together
  • We laughed together
  • We drank together, (although to be fair to McGeady & McGuire- they seem to have this mastered?)
  • The bare minimum at any level is giving 100% – I’ve not seen that from everyone this season?
  • You cannot play football without a heart
My expectations may be high, I blame it on my youth……”

SAFCBlog born out of positivity, but times up for Will I’d say?

Will, there’s kids in Sunderland who got shirts with your name on for their birthday? Come on pal, at least put some effort in on Tuesday night?

“Yes, yes… I know I told you’d he’d be good… I’m sorry darling , I’m sorry”


NEVER, EVER STOP BELIEVING…… SEE YOU TUESDAY NIGHT…… fucking smash Burton Albion… 2-0

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  1. Just had the catheter removed three days after the operation to cut the tumour out of my bladder and urethra. Honestly stung less than the disappointment of watching Will tool about on the pitch.

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