“Hapless Sunderland on the receiving end of the biggest humping by Burton, since Richard had a go on Liz Taylor….”

Hapless Sunderland Dicked by Burton

Hapless Sunderland beaten by Burton

Whilst the mainstream media are all over the Gone For A Burton headline, SAFCBlog are better than pursuing some cheap unoriginal headlines. 

To be fair, Liz Taylor was decent back in the day, who knows what the 2021 SAFCBlog calendar will bring?

Pearl necklaces popular back in the day

Team news imminent – hopefully Phil will go with 2 big lads up front?

Sunderland v Burton

Well, that was fucking dreadful wasn’t it? SAFCBlog is built on positivity – this could be a real test, but I’ll think of something? It would naive not to start with the negatives….

  • Players were a disgrace?
  • Long ball down the middle is depressing and doesn’t/isn’t going to work?
  • 90 minutes from Will Grigg – not on his own tonight by any means, but another gutless shower of shite from our bearded excuse for a footballer? Once again, Will – not fucking good enough, not even nearly good enough…. giving 100% should be the absolute bare minimum? As I say, plenty of others fell into this category last night.
  • Fitness – I don’t know what it’s like to be a professional footballer, but I do know what it’s like to be unfit. When they hit the bar with 10 minutes or so to go, we looked absolutely fucked. We literally had 5 or 6 players bent over blowing out of their arses? Less beer more water Aiden, Chris and whoever else is stealing a wage by being out on the piss, (no actual evidence of this obviously – but fucking hell lads, you should be able to do 90 minutes without looking like you’re going to be sick?)

In terms of positives…..

  • The new road set up on the one way system has undoubtedly improved the traffic post match

Despite dreadful weather, we had a good drive up. The bearded fool, (idiot A), has a new phone and on the occasions he remembers to take pictures, the quality is definitely improving.

Sunderland Burton

Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire – much better in the dark?

SAFC Blog Under the Bridge

Bridge over troubled waters……..

Over the bridge Sunderland

When you’re down and out
And pain is all around
Oh, and if you need a friend…………

Hapless Sunderland Dicked by Burton

……….like a bridge over troubled water,
I will soothe your mind”


“ it’s league 1,
It’s fucking freezing,
it’s pissing it down
but there’s no place I’d rather be?”

Imagine not loving football??

“Oh, that aged well?”
Still at least we can vouch where he was on 10/11/97?

Whilst football is probably not what one would normally do, no need to say you were getting stuck into an American Hot, (pizza)”
The season in question saw us suffer Wembley heartbreak in the play offs vs Charlton…. we’ll get them back?

All about 90 minutes of scintillating football now……


As kick of approaches, excitement is at absolute fever pitch!

Here come the teams…. smash these jobbers 2 or 3 nil?


Easy make that 5-0



Absolutely desperate lads.

Sunderland Burton

SAFC in a bad place right now

The good thing about having 24’000 season ticket holders is you can announce a crowd of 27’000, when there’s only 16/17’000 present?

We were poor tonight – no doubt about that. I choose to attend games regardless, I choose not to boo – but I’ve no issue whatsoever with anyone making the alternative choices? Social Media is a bit of a minefield, aside from this blog, I’ve chosen to dip out for a while, but I would like to say the following…..

SAFC is in a bad place, everyone knows my opinions of the owners. Sadly it’s been in decline for some time though, just like a relationship or a business; it doesn’t go to shit overnight and it certainly doesn’t get fixed overnight. Just a thought….. Moyes kept WHU up and is now being touted for the Everton job, Grayson is doing a job at Blackpool, Coleman is doing well with his times tables, I expect Jack Ross to forge a good managerial career….. common denominator? I was a fan of Ross, but anyone who was at Lincoln and Bolton will a know it came to a natural end? 

Phil Parkinson is a good man, with a good record at this level – the suggestion, (no doubt from the same people who aimed vitriol at JR?), that Phil should be sacked after 10 games is embarrassing and an insult to a man who has spent over 30 years in the professional football game? Yes we are playing shite, but if we can get to average – we can still go up – if we can get a striker, everything changes? As I say just my opinion.

So, not a sea of positivity at present and totally understandable. SAFCBlog loves a bit of music, so do I post a video of Les Miserables, Dark Days, How Low Can You Go, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now etc etc?


We reflect…..


We put the balance of our SKYBET account on us winning the league….

Sunderland to win the League

Then we puff our chest out, stand tall and go again in 10 days time! See you at Gillingham…..



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