Huge weekend for Phil Parkinson’s Sunderland

McGeady and Mcguire enjoy a happy meal

Huge weekend for Phil Parkinson’s Sunderland

I was in two minds whether to bother writing anything tonight, whilst I don’t look at message boards, the straw-poll of retweets amongst the 10 accounts I follow on Twitter – allude to the fact that a large section of our fanbase, (certainly a majority), have written off PP after 7, (yes seven), league games.

Record day yesterday in terms of visitors to SAFCBlog, so I’ve decided to crack on and write something. It’s often cited that it’s a game of opinions, that said, facts do play a part, the following are facts…….

McGeady and Mcguire enjoy a happy meal

Unacceptable? Is Aiden McGeady part of Phil Parkinson’s Sunderland plans going forward?

Whilst facts and opinions are a key element to football, sadly social media offers a platform for this to regularly tip over into abuse…..

Phil Parkinson's Sunderland team under pressure to perform

Piss take party stops here – Phil Parkinson’s Sunderland

Huge weekend for Phil Parkinson’s Sunderland

Jack Ross was subjected to a load of abuse, Phil Parkinson is now getting the same treatment – I’ll stick my neck out and say that Super Kev, would soon be hung out to dry in a similar fashion? 

I was quite vocal in my opinion that Jack Ross wasn’t the problem, equally Parkinson isn’t the problem. It’s becoming apparent, (or at least likely), that a Rotten Core is the problem? Fucking hell, this was being cited 5 years ago! Whilst CM is thankfully gone, his promise that the piss take party stops here, looks somewhat hollow, (although his lips were moving ,so he may well have been talking shite).

I’m yet to find anyone agreeing with me, but I actually think Parkinson has been brave and I’m delighted he’s tackled the issue? Time will tell, but in the words of a Pseudo Geordie Lay By Loitering Gaffer, I would LOVE IT, LOVE IT to be right.

The abuse touted online is actually something I can dismiss, the morbid fascination of a lot of our fans really frustrates me. When we conceded in the last minute on Saturday, I like many others got a load of messages… same old shite, clueless, we’re doomed etc….. there was an absence of messages that reflected how I felt…… gutted, frustrated etc

Today The Chronicle reported, “our current form is that of relegation candidates, it will now need title winning form to make the play offs” – just not true. A cynic could argue, they seem a bit happy about it all?

Tough game against Blackpool

Tough game Saturday, they are in good form and Grayson would love to get a result……

  • We have an absent owner, (I suspect it’ll get significantly worse before it gets better, as the plot unfolds?)
  • We have a team low on confidence
  • No one seems to fancy our manager

Live sport is brilliant, all manner of things could happen on Saturday. The SOL has many hats…..

  • Buzzing, (think Everton 3-0 & Cardiff 4-0)
  • Toxic, (think Villa 0-4 & Palace 1-4)
  • Apathetic, (think last 3 seasons)

Thankfully there’s a 4th category; there’s no point pretending the crowd will be particularly large in number on Saturday, BUT….. think of the Poyet cup run – a small crowd can get the place rocking.

So……….let’s forget opinions, likes, clicks, follows, morbid fascination, and get right behind the lads on Saturday. A couple of wins and everything changes. The reality is most of us will be here come what May…. so let’s make sure we do our bit on Saturday.

All about Atmosphere for today’s musical offering, whilst Russ Abbot was a class act, the mighty Joy Division were always going to be triumphant…….
“Don’t walk away…….”


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