SAFCBlog – Some Thursday Thoughts….

Thursday thoughts

SAFCBlog – Some Thursday Thoughts

It feels as if there is a groundswell of opinion, that this season is probably done with? 

The timeframes and crucially how we consume football in this country, are stacked against the idea, (and ideal), of finishing this season? Game of opinions as always, my opinion is it’s probably harder for the EPL, to call time on the season given that it’s Liverpool who are Champions Elect? 

I don’t mean that in a personal manner, I just think given the years since Liverpool last won it and their relationship with some aspects of the media – makes it in some ways a more contentious decision? 

As always, it’s a Game of Opinions…… Forget this season and see where we are in August, we can have Drawn Mini Leagues, a 23 game season, sack off the domestic cups etc – the possibilities are endless and there’s always a way. In short, make a bold decision now and a subsequent decision at the correct and safe time. It’s completely unfair, it’s just how it is. 

Lockdown, Calm Down?

What the actual fuck is going on? Whilst it’s only a straw poll of 1; there’s loads more cars parked in my street, there’s loads more traffic, KFC have emailed to say their Drive Thru is open….. have I missed something? 

Yep the death figures are getting lower, that’s because of what were doing two weeks ago. To my knowledge there remains a highly contagious disease, which carries a serious threat to life and we are nowhere near having a vaccine for it? Do we really need Popcorn Chicken that desperately?

“Choose life, choose family, choose a fucking big television….. choose your future, ….. choose life….”

Going nowhere fast

This is not going to end anytime soon. It’d be great to be going to Rotherham, (that’s not a phrase that’s been said too often?), on Sunday – actually it would be nice to be going anywhere!


I can’t believe I wrote about Rotherham the other day without mentioning The Chuckle Brothers, for those of us of a certain age, they are genuine legends

One of the best photos ever?

Other famous folk from the town are Gordon Banks, William Hague and 80s indie rockers Jive Bunny. King of banter when it comes to suggesting lorry drivers murder prostitutes, Jeremy Clarkson, trained to be a journalist at the Rotherham Advertiser.

The town is famous for making coal, steel and glass, along with flour milling, (hence the nickname of The Millers I guess?). Cutting edge journalism is all about research, SAFCBlog likes to dress nicely, Rotherham is reportedly the grooming epicentre of the UK, I can only imagine it’s a shopping Mecca for fashion enthusiasts?

Thursday thoughts
“It doesn’t look like the Kings Road or Afflecks Palace?”
‘You are what you wear…..’

Rotherham United Football Club

We’ve got a decent record against them, we haven’t lost in the last 15 meetings, (stretching back to September 1962), so it’s only fair to say we’d have won on Sunday?

John Mullen, Carl Robinson, Darren Byfield and all round top man Michael Proctor played for both……

Somewhat bizarrely I sponsored his kit in 2002 when he was at York, (loft tomorrow to find the shirt!)

The Only Way is Up…..

It’s looking increasingly likely that whenever is and whatever the format may be, we are looking at a 3rd season in the 3rd tier. We need to go up next season, we will go up next season. Phil Parkinson is categorically the right man for the job. I thought that he was when he was appointed, I still believed that he was when getting a bit of stick, I’m absolutely convinced he’s the right man moving forward.

Phil Parkinson – Scruffy, BUT….The Right Man for the job, 100%

Not so Super Sunday…..

The last day of the football season is great, it’s always sunny. Football will be back when the time is right and football will play a huge part in the healing process of the country.


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It’s a shame we aren’t allowed to go to Rotherham on Sunday, but do the right thing and before you know it we’ll be able to go wherever we like……

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