Sunderland AFC vs rochdale match preview…..

Sunderland AFC vs Rochdale match preview

Can’t beat a game under the lights at the SOL… we should beat Rochdale? We are in the same division etc and my prediction that we will win, has zero to do with crowds, size of club etc….. more so that they are desperate away from home and we are good at home?

I can’t be bothered to check, but prior to last season, I’d imagine it was ages since we’d played them?

Last season vs Rochdale……

  • We beat them easily at SOL – they were poor and we were in the midst of our spell when we looked like winning the league…..
  • Away game saw a 2-1 win….. for all the world it was the day that we looked like we’d ‘sealed automatic promotion?’
  • Another 2-1 win in September at their gaff. They looked decent! The Grigg horse has bolted, (ambled off?), but Will came on and put a right shift in….SAFCBlog is loathe to be critical of Will Grigg….. but his cameo at Rochdale was hugely promising….. sadly he’s since had the demeanour of a Portuguese Gypsy who is half heartedly offering to return your trolley to pocket 1€ at the Continente Hypermarket in Guia!


Rochdale will still be in this division next season. The demise of Bury was very sad, Bolton and Southend are doomed – I said after our victory at Tranmere 8 days ago that they looked fucked….. they’ve since lost 2-0 to Bolton and 3-0 at home, so the relegation spots look sorted? Dale gave us a really good game at Spotland- they looked to have used the loan market well…. I’m thrilled that I ploughed into them on the handicap betting to win the league? 

I’d guess staying in L1 and improving year on year is probably a decent return? They are managed by Brian Barry-Murphy….. it’s not often all 3 names could be placed in any order and still make sense? SAFCBlog is 100% behind Parky – Whilst he mixed it up slightly with some suede type boots on Boxing Day – whilst he’s a good manager – he’s a mess fashion wise. The Rochdale jobber dresses well, I guess we just need to beat them and then our management teams shit clobber becomes irrelevant?

SAFCBlog Super Computer is still at the menders getting a new transponder… but

SAFC blog predicts….

SAFC 2 – Rochdale 0

the Town of Rochdale……

Realistically once you’re previewed a game/town once – you’ve covered it. Without going over old ground…..

  • Rochdale is in Lancashire
  • Fat nonce Cyril Smith is from the town
  • SAFCBlog Ambassador, Anna Friel is from Rochdale……


Anna Friel………
“In Anna SAFCBlog Lusts……”


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