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SAFCBlog Friday Night SPZL + Watford Away

Celebratory nature aside, the aforementioned previous trip to Watford was quite a day, Shirley we won’t end up in a in a Reality TV Show this time? Prior to thinking about tomorrow, it would be remiss not to look back…

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Sublime Sunderland Heap Misery on the Royals

Only a matter of time before the mounting pressure becomes too much? Getting there…. Piece of piss really Pre game Good to chat with a few Reading fans and put faces to names⚽️✅ Stars of TV I’m a grown man,…

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SAFCBlog Tuesday Nightshift Bonus Edidition

We all have our routines, Monday to Friday, (match-days aside), I watch the last 20 minutes of Tipping Point, then The Chase, then the headlines on Calendar, then I cook, I’ve no issue with anyone else’s routine, or even lack…

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SAFCBlog Tuesday Club

A long way……. It’s a long way, but we’ll get there, M25 a ball ache, but it’s slightly easier than meeting Banksy, getting a decent Garry Summerson photo, or securing a front row seat at Westminster Abbey on Monday? Thankfully…

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Team Selection to win at Reading

The week ahead Team selection Beating Rotherham 3-0 was a perfect start for Tony Mowbray, we weren’t very good at Boro, but to lose Ross Stewart in the warm up was a huge kick in the animal crackers. If reports…

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Reading Away Previewed

I think we would have beaten Millwall on Saturday had we played, we now face 2 really tough sway games before heading into the International Break, realistically we could lose both games, whilst both are tough assignments, I think the…

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SAFCBlog Saturday Superstore

No footie today, perhaps there should have been, perhaps not? Given how much I enjoy the match, today had huge potential to be a bit crap? It wasn’t. Feedback…. I’ve always alluded to not giving a shit as to whether…

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SAFCBlog Statement Friday SPZL

It’s Off News Most reading this will be aware of a significant news event that has developed over the last 24 hours? Understandably it has lead to a statement heavy Friday… A Game of Opinions….. The nature of Social Media…

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SAFCBlog Thursday SPZL

September 8th 1990…. I went to watch York play Lincoln in Division 4, fairly standard Saturday for a good looking , (*), 19 year old lad with his mates, load of ale and onto the match. After about 40 minutes,…

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SAFCBlog Midweek Millwall Preview

SAFCBlog Prize Draw The inaugural SAFCBlog book is well under way, (*), the inspiration for this was a book by a Blackpool Blogger, his Blog is OK, but not great, so how hard can it be to write a book?…

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