Jack Ross appointed new hibs manager*

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager

Jack Ross appointed new Hibs Manager *

*not yet – but will be tomorrow, so may as well get ahead of the game?

Jack Ross Hibs Manager

SAFCBlog loved Jack Ross; a good man and will 100% have a great career in football management. Jack entered an absolute shitstorm at Sunderland? Whilst managers are obviously judged on the pitch… let’s remember, prior to his arrival, we had….. pissed up players crashing cars, pissed up players rowing with fans, players refusing to train, players refusing to play, our profile in the community being worse than ever? None of the aforementioned are acceptable – but the reality is, Jack got us sailing on the calm where loads of other hugely experienced managers had failed?…..

  • Advocat, (stoned?)
  • Moyes, (dour, negative fucker?)
  • Grayson, (dull, but would have kept us up?)
  • Coleman, (bless; didn’t know what day it was?)

Hibs is a great job for Jack, and Jack is a great fit for Hibs. The only criticism of Jack at SAFC was that he was scared to lose games, although when the expectation/assumption is to piss the league, I can see where this emanated? Ultimately Jack failed at SAFC – but it was close to being great……

Sunderland losing the play-off final against Charlton at Wembley

Losing at Wembley in the 96th minute – just horrible

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager

“For fucks sake, we may as well have come 7th?”

SAFC years of abject misery

“It’s not the expectation…..it’s the hope that really, really hurts”

Where it went wrong for Jack Ross at Sunderland?

Aside from a stoppage time goal in May, there were other factors that stopped Jack getting the job done…….

  • Josh Maja scored 15 goals in 24 games, jack managed him perfectly
  • Our owner got the hump with his agent – Maja was sold
  • Our owner then had his leg lifted in his pursuit of Will Grigg
  • Whilst it may work out for Grigg yet…… he’s been absolutely shite thus far

Scotch football is on its arse, but Hibs are a proper club – SAFCBlog wishes Jack all the very best. Whilst I go to the games – I just write a shit blog that some people read…. football is real life, and Jack is a good man, SAFC was probably the right job, at the wrong time ? Whilst SAFCBlog vows to never look back….. would I ever have any of our numerous gaffers from the last 5 years back? NO. Would I be happy to see jack back when the time is right? YES.

Jack Ross new Hibs Manager

Bit awkward Jack, but our new gaffer looks like he lives in a caravan! Can he borrow a couple of ‘soft wash merino knits?’ – not sure he’s got a washing machine; so don’t worry about shrinkage/unsightly bobbling”

Wishing Jack Ross success at Hibs

So Hibs…… Jack is smart, articulate, cool as you like etc……

SAFC….. don’t underestimate what a complete basket case of a club we have been. I hope and expect Jack to be a huge success in Edinburgh. He’s from Falkirk, (26 miles from Edinburgh), so I guess he’s effectively coming home? SAFCBlog loves a musical link…… spoilt for choice with songs about coming home? Springsteen, James, New Order, Bob Dylan, ABBA, Bowie, Queen, Johnny Cash, The Clash…… tough choice, but there was only ever going to be one winner…..



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  1. Don’t suppose you could change the phrase ‘Scotch football’ to ‘Scottish football’? Yeah, it’s maybe on it’s erse, it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to that, but the phrase isn’t really acceptable to us. Hope you don’t mind.

    But, good luck to Sunderland for the future, they don’t deserve to be in that league. 👍

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