League One predictions 2019/20 season ~ part 5

Fleetwood Town

League One Predictions 2019/20 Season – part 5

In this article we’ll round off the SAFCBlog League One predictions for the 2019/20 season. Predictions for the other 18 teams can be found here, it’s time to look at the last 6.


Tough one to call, as ‘poor mans Cattermole’ and ex jailbird Joey Barton has done a decent job, on the evidence of last season season I’d say top half ~ but it’s got to be possible that Barton won’t be their manager for much longer?

Fantastically run club, whilst they’ve had a few quid ~ to be starting their 6th consecutive season in League One , after playing 2009/10 in the Conference North is an amazing achievement.

Fleetwood Town

Fleetwood ~ the town was shut when we were there in April

Fleetwood town

Desperate town ~ decent football club

SAFC Blog predicts – 19th


Missed our trip there in April, guest blogger stepped in and did a mostly adequate job. Drew twice with them last season, (who’d have though it eh?).

Decent side who look to be strengthening. One of JLS, (children’s music entertainers), hails from the town. Can’t be arsed to look it up online, but either Darren Ferguson or Barry Fry is bound to be their manager. Son of Alec Ferguson, Darren keeps managing Peterborough and Doncaster.

Darren Ferguson

Barry Fry

Barry Fryer ~ “that microphone is definitely switched off isn’t it Des?”

SAFC Blog predicts – 3rd (play offs)


The wettest I’ve ever been at a football match.

SAFC Blog predicts – 21st (relegated)


One of the better teams last season, playing their ‘home’ games in Birmingham will probably hinder them? 

Loads of famous people from there ~ Lady Godiva? Queen sang about her, that’s all I know! Think it’s a bit like the tooth fairy and the bible?

Bible ~ utter folly

I’m sure we’ve all heard the song, ‘Edelweiss?’, it was written and performed by Vince Hill of Coventry.

Hairy handed, banter merchant Richard Keys is from Coventry and even supports the team.

That hairy bloke from Super Sunday said …. ”go round and smash her back doors in…”

80s music maestro Pete Waterman is from Coventry.

Hazel O’Connor, (shitter version of Toyah and Alison Moyet), is from Coventry.

SAFC Blog predicts – 8th


Only started safcblog in March, but there’s 4, (four), previews and reviews on the website, starting with our drawn game at Wembley. Not a great deal more to add.

Drew at Wembley ~ beat them in the play offs

SAFC Blog predicts – 4th (play offs)

That concludes our League One predictions for the 2019/20 season, parts one, two, three and four can be found by clicking these links.


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